Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy Taco Bar and Vegan Taco "Meat"

Taco Meat: Grain Free/Gluten Free/Vegan/Soy Free

Today we had a fun filled family day at the zoo, so what better way to end the day than a fun food dinner!

We love Chipotle, but sadly we recently learned that many of the items we order are GMO products. We know that the vast majority of restaurants use GMO products, which is why we eat at home, almost always. Seriously, we dine out once or twice monthly, at most. The thing that upset us the most is that Chipotle promotes that they use fresh, healthy products.....I digress. My 6-year-old Prince has started an Against Monsanto YouTube channel. Here is his most recent video, where he expresses his sadness about losing Chipotle.

Let's get back to our fun food dinner. After the zoo we whipped up and easy peasy Taco Bar.

Are taco bar consisted of the following items: Organic taco shells and organic tortilla chips, homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, dairy and vegan cheese, chopped green leaf lettuce, freshly cooked black beans (they were in the crockpot when we were at the zoo), cilantro-lime-jasmine rice and our delicious taco "meat."

The Prince loved walking around the "bar" and making his own taco! King Dad and I did too. Can you see the cute little trays we made our tacos in? The Prince picked those out from the dollar section at Target, and hubs lined them with parchment paper while I set up the food. Such easy to clean up!


I want to share with you our delicious vegan/soy free taco "meat" recipe. Keep in mind King Dad is a meat eater and even he is a fan.

What you need:
1 head of cauliflower, organic
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/8 to 1/4 red pepper flakes
2 Tbls coconut oil, organic, unrefined

What you do:
Rinse, chop and then grate the entire head of uncooked cauliflower into a bowl.
Add all of the seasonings to the grated cauliflower, sans the oil, and combine well.
Over medium heat, heat the oil in a large pan.
Add the cauliflower to the oil and cook for several minutes, stirring frequently.

Serve immediately.

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