Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tropical Strawberry “Milk”shake.

Gluten Free/Grain Free/ Vegan/Soy and Nut Free

When I was a kiddo, my daddy and I did lots of things together; one of those things was to make banana milk shakes! Blender, vanilla ice-cream, brown bananas and whole milk. Blend. Enjoy. 

I love my daddy and miss him.

The whole milk ice-cream and whole milk are no longer an option for my milkshakes….trust me on that one and let’s move on. HA!

I like to make shakes and smoothies for breakfast. They make me happy. I feel like I’m having a treat; for some reasons egg whites don’t provide the same feeling. This shake is deliciously healthy, low fat, full of fresh flavors and amazing as a meal, snack or treat.

I have a recent obsession with pineapple, next week it will likely be a new obsession, but for now let’s add some pineapple and go with the name the Prince decided upon, after one drink:

Tropical Strawberry “Milk”shake.

What you need:
½ cup coconut milk, organic, full-fat, canned
½ to 1 cup sweetened, vanilla, milk beverage of choice (almond, coconut, soy, rice)
1 cup strawberries, organic, sliced
1 cup pineapple, organic, fresh, chunks
2 frozen bananas (peel and chop prior to freezing), organic

***Optional 2 to 4 TBLS of honey, if you are looking for a sweeter shake** 

What you do:
Place the above ingredients, in order, into your blender. Blend until smooth. Insert a large straw. 

Makes about 4 cups.


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